Financial information is the key to change.

Unfortunately, for most of us, basic financial information is not taught in schools. We live in a country that continues to pass out diplomas to people who lack healthy financial skills, creating a society not prepared to handle the financial ups and downs of everyday living. The road to financial freedom is paved with information; join me on my journey.

Lucille Tyler Baldwin

Author of "Sick and Tired of Being Broke"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Future Millionaire: Young and in Charge

I really enjoyed the last few days. I had the pleasure of meeting opened minded women ready to take charge of their finances. I was invited to participate in a financial education and spa day for women. They received information during the day and after lunch the women were pampered with: pedicures, manicures, back massages, head massages, facials, and Mary Kay make overs. The women were pampered while sipping sparkling wine and snacking on light refreshments that included: fruit and, of course, cheese and crackers.

You know I am always talking about finances, so I was sooooo pleased to meet a 19-year-old woman who was already taking charge of her money. This young lady participates in her 401(k) at work, is already saving for retirement with an IRA, and she understands the value of keeping her consumer debt low. Not only was she taking charge of her money, but she was also encouraging her best friend to be responsible with money.

I was curious to know how she learned at such a young age to be responsible with her money. She said, "when anyone talked to me about finances, I listened and took the information to heart." As adults/parents we can teach our children how to become financially responsible.

The best way to lead is by example!  Do you need help learning how to take charge of your money?  Then order your copy of "Sick and Tired of Being Broke."  The path to financial freedom starts with financial information.

Lucille Tyler
Author of "Sick and Tired of Being Broke"


  1. What a great story! I'm a 40 year old grandma and I'm "starting life over". My husband and I are putting together a plan to eliminate debt while at the same time reach my goal of staying at home. I did not teach my older children this lesson and hope that they can still learn from the changes we're making (even though they don't live at home). I still have a 15 year old at home so I hope it sinks in before he goes to school. Thank you for your post.

  2. Hi CarliAlice,

    Thanks for sharing. My book makes a great gift for young people, if I had the information in my book when I was twenty something I would be a millionaire today! Good luck with becoming debt free.