Financial information is the key to change.

Unfortunately, for most of us, basic financial information is not taught in schools. We live in a country that continues to pass out diplomas to people who lack healthy financial skills, creating a society not prepared to handle the financial ups and downs of everyday living. The road to financial freedom is paved with information; join me on my journey.

Lucille Tyler Baldwin

Author of "Sick and Tired of Being Broke"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freedom from Debt on a Modest Income

     I've lived with debt and I've lived debt free - trust me living debt free is a whole lot better.  The first step to becoming debt free is convincing yourself that it is possible.  Close your eyes and imagine life without a mailbox full of bills: no monthly car note, no credit card debt, no loans, no monthly payments for furniture, no gas card, no student loans, no retail accounts, etc,.  The greatest thrill of all: no bill collectors calling!

     I worked retail most of my adult life and earned a modest income.  Because of a lack of information I struggled with debt for decades and only recently became debt free (about 5 years).  I taught myself how to live debt free.  Financial information gave me the power to make better choices.  If I can become debt free earning a modest income, you can do it.   Becoming debt free does take work, but your life can only change if you take action.

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