Financial information is the key to change.

Unfortunately, for most of us, basic financial information is not taught in schools. We live in a country that continues to pass out diplomas to people who lack healthy financial skills, creating a society not prepared to handle the financial ups and downs of everyday living. The road to financial freedom is paved with information; join me on my journey.

Lucille Tyler Baldwin

Author of "Sick and Tired of Being Broke"

Monday, February 17, 2014

To Create Readers - We Must Become Readers!
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33% of high school graduates will never read a book again!

42% of college graduates will never read a book again!

80% of American households did not buy a book last year!

70% of adults have not been in a bookstore in the past five years!

It you read just 15 minutes a day you will read 1 million words a year!!
A story can take a child to another land.
Words have the power to educate, encourage, heal, and empower children.
It is 10:06 pm have YOU read a book lately?

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